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Small Zenith Vase, Ceramic Vessel by Mali Taylor


Small Zenith Vase, Ceramic Vessel by Mali Taylor, Stoneware, 260 x 200 x 220mm, 2022

About the work:

Small Zenith Vase, Ceramic Vessel by Mali Taylor.

This piece has been constructed through the methodical process of hand rolled coils using earthy stoneware clays that exhibit flecks of glossy minerals. The interior has been sealed with a glossy white glaze which contrasts the organic matte exterior making this piece perfect to display your favourite collection of flowers.

About the Artist:

Mali Taylor is a Melbourne based ceramic artist currently exploring the parameters of coil methodology within her practice. Her sculptural works predominantly investigate; the connection between the ceramic process and the maker’s state of mind, the materialisation of memories, and nature’s methods of time keeping and historical archiving of past events and environments. Whilst her vessels transcend the divide between art object and functional ware, exploring themes of companionship and community through a contemporary approach to ancient methods and forms. Through the methodical and meditative layering of earthy clay, Taylor’s hand-built sculptures hold time, invoking memories of archaic Australian landscapes.

Artwork Details:

– Stoneware

Product Details

H: 260mm
W: 200mm
D: 220mm




Mali Taylor