Dianamiller Construct Hero

Construct, Original Artwork by Diana Miller


Construct, Original Artwork by Diana Miller

An original artwork by Bryon Bay based artist Diana Miller, enamel spray on steel.

Working as a metaphor for the contradiction and ups and down of life, Diana brings together elements both physical and intangible and explores how people often need to break down in order to be put back together again.

This original artwork is part of Modern Times’ group exhibition Ritual Practice.

“My brain can’t help but find shapes. Wherever I am, my eyes scan for the most interesting shape around me. My ritual becomes the documenting and storing of these intriguing forms in my journals, to reference over time, making their way into my collages and paintings. The act of collaging is also an important ritual for me, as I regularly sit with my boxes of gathered paper shapes and play around with them, constructing new images and ideas.” – Diana Miller

Product Details

H: 300mm
W: 300mm



Diana Miller