Vinegar Vessel in Brown Gloss Glaze in Ceramic by James Lemon


Vinegar Vessel in Brown Gloss Glaze in Ceramic by James Lemon

Handmade Vinegar vessel thrown using his signature bump technique, finished in a coloured glaze with a cork stopper. Pair with the matching Oil Vessel. James Lemon ceramics are handmade by James Shaw in his studio in Thornbury. Every piece is created with the intention of mirroring organic shapes; imperfection is the object, highlighting the material origin of each item and the human hands that made it. The tactile nature of clay is integral to the work, and is confronted throughout the process with a focus on the different textures at hand. Whether via form or finish, there is always a strong suggestion that the piece is intended to be held.

This product is made in collaboration with Modern Times, exclusively for The New Heirlooms.

The New Heirlooms is a series of highly covetable, affordable, artist-made pieces. Gift your loved ones a New Heirloom, to treasure now and in years to come.

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     – Artist-made by hand in Australia

     – Limited numbers available

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Product Details

H: 60mm
W: 60mm
D: 150mm

James Lemon

Ceramic, Glaze